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Simply Natural Dental Powder 50g

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footer logo simply naturalContains natural herbal and seaweed ingredients which have been shown to decrease the bacterial load in the mouth as well as slow down the buildup up tartar. This helps to disinfect mouth and prevent buildup of odour and infection causing bacteria, as well as plaque and tartar. Sprinkle directly into the food.

A little goes a long way and a pot will last a small dog about 12 months.

The active ingredients are absorbed by the gut and excreted into the saliva casuing a protective barrier layer to form over the tooth which is restsitant to bacterial invasion and prevents plaque buildup. It is most effective to start it at least a few days before a dental procedure to ensure adequate amounts in the saliva to start the protection immediately after tooth cleaning, thus helping to maintain a healthy clean tooth surface and gum margin.

Dose by mouth away from food. Completely natural and safe to use on all animals and in people. Use with caution in hyper or hypothyroidism, contains Iodine.