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Simply Natural First Aid Kit 20 Remedy

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Comprehensive first aid kit for most of the common ailments and acute conditions that would benefit from immediate treatment for the whole family, human or animal. Small compact design easy to carry in a backpack or handbag for traveling, walking, hiking, camping etc…

Please note that if there is serious bleeding, toxicity, fracture, a snake bite or condition continues to get worse, please seek medical attention immediately. The remedies will help on the way to the doctor, veterinarian or hospital.

Contains information leaflet on each remedy and exactly how and when to use it.

HOMOEOPATHIC FIRST AID NOTES (20 Remedy Combinations):

With homeopathy you have to match the symptoms below with the conditions you are seeing in yourself or an animal. Give remedies away from food and water as much as possible. Do not use garlic, mint, coffee or other stimulants at the same time. Do not handle remedies directly, place from bottle lid straight into the mouth. Loosely cover the bottom of a bottle lid with granules as a dose. Store remedies in a cool dark place away from strong smells.

As a general guide, in acute conditions give a dose every 1/4 hour for 4 doses, then 3 times daily; in less urgent conditions give a dose 3 or 4 times daily. If there is no response in a few doses you probably have the wrong remedy, so think again. In all cases, where you are in doubt, or the injury does not respond to a few doses, seek medical advice.

ABSCESS: The remedy for infections where there is pus. Encourages the ripening and bursting of abscesses, heals discharging wounds, and prevents re-infection. In very painful toothache or gum disease, and any puncture wounds that are sore to touch.

ANEAMIA: The remedy for blood loss or anaemic states. During and after chronic illness causing paleness such as tick bite fever, immune disorders, acute blood loss to help body rebuild blood cells. Do not use instead of conventional therapies.

ANTIFLAM: In any states of high fever or inflammation where there is heat, redness and pain. Typically restlessness and thirst is common. Helpful in acute cystitis, ear ache, tooth ache, teething, viral infections, acute joint pain. See doctor if it persists.

ARTHRITIS: Useful for all arthritic and tendon complaints where lameness improves after a few paces, but worsens after a long walk and rest and tends to be much worse in cold weather. Commonly used in age related arthritis, or joint injuries.

COLD & FLU: Alleviates symptoms of cold and flu, especially if taken in the early stages of illness. Sore heavy aching joints and muscles and typical head colds with sleepiness. Take small doses frequently at onset or first sign of cold or chill.

COUGH: Reduces spasm and irritation in excessive coughing such as Whooping Cough or Kennel Cough. Can be used to prevent an outbreak of cough by giving to all in contact individuals daily as prevention (human / animal).

DIARRHOEA: Will help the most common cases of vomiting and diarrhoea especially food poisoning or unfamiliar food. It can also help in long term colitis cases where dietary allergy is involved. Restlessness and chilliness is a strong feature.

FIREWORKS: Alleviates Fear and Anxiety of loud noises such as fireworks and thunder. Dose as soon as symptoms start and top up as often as required to help calm the individual. Often helps to create a cosy safe space with gentle music.

HAYFEVER: Alleviates symptoms of hay fever such as sore scratchy throat, sneezing, itchy swollen eyes and post nasal drip.

HEALING: In open wounds it rapidly promotes healing and hair re-growth, especially where skin has sloughed or been badly grazed and cannot be stitched. It acts as a cleanser of internal infections. In open wounds use Hypercal disinfectant & cream.

INJURY: It relieves any injurybruising, and stiffness after exercise or nerve pain but especially that of crushing injuries. Carpal tunnel and sciatica pain, and pain after dental extractions / surgery. For trapped nerves, spinal injuries and paralysis.

NAUSEA: The remedy for vomiting and nausea. Patients are often restless, irritable, snappish and hypersensitive to pain, noise, music and all stimuli. They tend to be chilly and seek heat. Also useful for overindulgence, or overdose of medication.

SCAR TISSUE: This is the remedy to reabsorb scars and thickened skin lesions, even surgical adhesions. Can help remove corneal scars, and blocked tear ducts and scarring in ear canals after chronic infections. Use daily for several months. Can help with eliminating any foreign object from the body, such as pushing out thorns, grass seeds or trapped dirt under the skin.

SHOCK & FEAR: Useful in all cases of SHOCK or FRIGHT and severe ANXIETY. It can also useful in all feverish states especially where a chill has been caught (on 1st day only). It can abort early infection. Dose 1/4 hourly until symptoms subside.

SINUSITIS: Helps chronic rhinitis, post nasal drips, sinusitis symptoms. Particularly useful for snotty noses in children and cats. Discharge typically thick yellow or green and stringy.

SNAKE BITE: Life and Limb saving: Reduces the pain and swelling of all snake bites, especially adders and delays the uptake of the poison if taken immediately after injury. Dose every few minutes on the way to the hospital or vet. Continue to use 3 x daily for few weeks after injury to help eliminate the toxin from the system and prevent recurrent symptoms or complications.

STING: Bee & insect stings, snake bites and any soft swellings (oedema) which pit on pressure. Skin is painful to touch, often pale or bluish in colour and relieved by cold applications. Also useful in allergic reactions, where skin comes up in welts / rash.

TEETHING: Typical restlessness, pain and fever of teething. Also helpful with green diarrhoea often associated with teething.

TRAVEL SICKNESS: Travel sickness and general dizziness or nausea worse for movement.  It is also good for overindulgence where vertigo or in coordination exists (hangover type symptoms). Inner ear infections and Minieur’s disease.

WORMS OUT: Relieves rectal itching and discomfort associated with worms. Use once daily for 5 days at a time to help eliminate worms.